Monday, January 4, 2010

Upside down drawings in Drawing on the Right side of the Brain

In the workbook, Betty Edwards offers 3 more drawings that you can choose from for your upside down exercise.

I reproduce them here, so that you have more choice.
You can do one, or you can do them all over a few days. It`s excellent practice. Of course, like the other drawing, you will draw this one upside down.

After you finish your drawing, note the`state`you were in while drawing: no naming of parts, but looking at forms, at shapes. Looking at how this line intersect that line.

What you are doing is learning to `see`again. You are learning the relation of lines. You are learning to see EDGES.

Betty Edwards explains in her more recent versions of her book that she finally understood that drawing is seeing.
And it`s about seeing:

- edges
- shapes
- relationships
- lights and shadows
- perception of the whole.

This is what you are now doing...

Remember to post your work on your blog or the sketchbook folder and to date it.

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  1. Hi Sox
    I finished the woman and the horse and posted them in the folder. Not tackling the knight today. Actually, I thought the horse more difficult to do than Igor from yesterday--even tho the horse took much less time and Igor was very intense as the woman was an hard--I think because the horse was so simple, I made assumptions about it and couldn't break it down into small sections.