Sunday, January 3, 2010

Drawing on the right side of the brain - self-portrait

The second step to the progression of this class is to make a portrait of yourself.

WHAT!!!! Forget it, I`m not doing a portrait. No, no, no!!!!

I hear you!!!

You don`t have to show that portrait to anyone. You don`t even have to do it in your sketch book if you want, you can do it on a loose leaf of paper and go hide it somewhere. But make sure you date it first.

Here`s how you do it. Find a mirror to prop on your desk or table. Find a comfortable angle and.... draw away.

Again, we`re using the drawing as a marker of your progress.
I a few weeks time, you`ll be happy to know where you started.

So get your HB pencil, your mirror, get comfortable and draw your face.
Date your portrait.

After this step, we start getting into the `meat` of it and start following her techniques. I`ll post the next class midweek, since some of you are so excited to get going.

Till then, you may want to read the introduction to the book, where she discusses the Right and Left brain specialization. Not essential for the course at this stage.. Just helpful. And it IS called Drawing on the RIGHT side of the brain, but you`ve probably heard a lot about that in recent years.

See you again Wednesday.
You can post your drawing on your blog and leave a comment here, or in the Sketchbook project folder for our drawings.

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  1. Hi! I know I am behind the others who are following along with the lessons in the book, but just wanted to check in. I did this exercise yesterday and had fun with it. I was pleasantly surprised at the result, at least with the self-portrait and the hand drawing. The drawing of the person from memory - yikes! Mine looks like from a 3rd grader. LOL.

    It can only get better, right?