Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DRSB - a flower

Just in time for spring, this next lesson requires a flower. It is best to pick a flower that has buds as well as the open flower, and leaves. We are still working with line drawing. You will be rendering this 3 dimensional, complicated object, to your flat surface.

Pick your flowers and set them standing up in front of you.
Use your viewfinder in front of the flower. Remember to close one eye to flatten the image.
Draw the image with an erasable felt tip directly onto the viewfinder.

On your drawing pad, trace the middle vertical and horizontal to match the viewfinder.
With your #2 pencil, transfer the main points on the plastic plane to your paper. Remember to use the edges of the viewfinder as well.

Set the viewfinder aside. Look carefully at your flower. With your #4 pencil, redraw the edges.

Erase the crosshairs. Sign and date.


  1. Like we have any flowers blooming here right now!!! Oh, well that means I have to buy a bouquet--its my assignment, after all!!!

  2. Hi Sox, I"m following you now. Would you follow on my blog so I can more easily find you again. I have this book. good for you for sharing. That is kind to give back to people.

  3. testing! (dale)

  4. Sorry I missed this! Would love to have done this along with the group.

  5. Hi...I was wondering if you will be posting some more wonderful challenges/classes for us?
    arlene f