Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drawing on the right side of the brain - Intro

I was reading the 83' version last night. She states herself that she's changed the order of the chapters, and developed the last ones on shadows.

But I'm sure we can figure it out, the exercises are still the same, even if she now has some new pictures, and in the end , she goes into color. We can decide about that part when we get to it.

Since we're still waiting on some books to arrive, maybe we can prepare for it.

If everyone else agrees, I'll come up with some ways to make it fun for all of us (6 so far) to do together.

To prepare, even before you get your book, here's what you could do:

Dedicate one drawing pad for the course. 8.5 x11, or similar format is best. Not too heavy paper, and not watercolor with the deep grooves. You want smooth paper.
In the book, she gives pre-start exercises, to serve as markers of how far you've moved. They are really a prerequisite, and I think they make a lot of sense.

Make sure you can be uninterrupted for about 20 minutes: no phone, no kids, no TV, no dinner on the stove, no art calling to be finished...

The first exercise is to draw a picture of your hand. Huhhh, the one you're not drawing with, that is... Whatever way it's resting on the table or your lap and that is most comfortable for you. It will take 15 minutes or so, so make sure you can stay in that position for that long. You can amend it, erase, but do it in pencil. She recommends 2B as a gentle middle-range. There is no critique or grading on your drawing. Well, not from this class anyway, I don't vouch for your inner critic, but we'll show him/her!!!!

When you're finished, make sure you date your drawing.

I'll start a folder on the site for you to post your drawings, but you really don't have to post these first ones. They will be more as a reference, to see how far you travel.

Do let me know when you receive your book.


  1. Wow-you have been busy--in between cutting wood with your chainsaw!! I have my book, so I will be drawing my hand soon.

  2. I've got my book too, although it's the '79 version.

  3. Oh cool--you've included Albert!!!

  4. chaaaaa. I'm such a follower....

  5. Okay Sox
    I drew my hand tonight. (It is much easier to use a grid like I did in the other lesson) but I did it free hand here. It's hard to hold your hand still long enough to draw it accurately! And to get the proportions right. Well, one has to start somewhere.

  6. Okay, found my book, found my dedicated sketchbook, sketched and dated hand.

  7. I wish I had known you were doing this. I will check in on all of you. I have the book and Workbook. I started the exercises today! I strange I would find this blog. Wonders never cease.